Thursday, July 16, 2020

Jamaica News What's What

It is impressive to know that the Jamaican government partnered with private sector has opened drop-in centers and other facilities across the country to provide meals for the homeless. So far, they are now providing two meals a day for over 2000 people and they are looking to expand this service. They encourage these centers not to turn people away if they do not have anywhere to spend the night.

As noted by the Shearer Labor Studies Institute, there are talks of Jamaican having the me to movement. Even though not talked about, a lot of employers with workers that need the jobs and cannot fight back is being sexually abused. Domestic workers are a prime example of been treated poorly and sexually abused. This must stop all people are equal and one should not be treated poorly and abused because of poverty.

If you are visiting Jamaica, you will be tested at the airport for COVID-19 and will be quarantined for two days until you get the result of your test back. It is advisable to buy travel insurance when going that if things goes wrong with your health, you can get back to your country of origin.